Two women lay the solid ground for Ghita Design.

The one is the creator. The other is the nerve.

The creator

Mette Buchhave

Mette Buchhave (1972) is a hairdresser and the founder of Ghita Design (2018).

She has battled with a Chronic Infectious Disease through many years and has gone through multiple crucial operations. She has been pushed to the edge physically and mentally. However, she felt that holding on to her feminity helped her through. Her femininity was manifested in her favourite not-so-comfortable shoes, which she insisted on wearing for each operation. It reminded her of her confident, happy and vibrant SELF.

As a hairdresser Mette has met many women who goes through diseases like cancer where they loose their hair in the process of coping. They come to her for help.

To many of these women, hair is one of the epitomes of feminity.

With her own history in mind, it suddenly came to her clear as a day what she had to do. She had to create Ghita Hat.

Passion for adaption

However, Mette soon realised that she had a passion for creating adaptive fashion in general. This passion turned Ghita Hat into Ghita Design, where we also make adaptive lingerie. This was a natural development for the company, as many of the people who experience hairloss due to chemo also loose one or both of their breasts in the process. And from there, it was a natural extension to make lingerie for other sorts of adaptive needs. Especially because Mette have experienced the difficulty of finding beautiful and functional lingerie wich suited her needs when she wore a catheter herself. Her driving force to found this brand is therefore to help others who feel that their identity is at danger at being compromised due to illness and disabilities. It should be easy and fun to dress and it should reflect who we are as our very expressions are a constituting factor of our identity.

The quest of the company is solidly set. Steady, set, go.

“My force for creation arises when people find themselves in situations where they in one way or the other stand outside of the norm and feel that they’re being challenged on who they are, because the market doesn’t include them.”

Mette Buchhave, 2020.

The nerve

Ghita Nørby

Ghita Nørby (1935) is an iconic Danish actress. She is loved by the Danish people for her movies as well as her stamina. She has battled with cancer herself, overcame it and are still as gracious and strong as ever. She chooses not to let her past illnesses define who she is. Everything she has accomplished in her life defines her.

To Mette Buchhave, Ghita Nørby is the essence of warmth, hope and energi. As these are some important ingredients in coping illness and in the struggle not to loose the SELF along a bumpy road, she is the perfect icon of Ghita Design.

It is important to dare to be inspired by people. This is what our world of today are made of. We look up to people and get inspired by them by following them in their ups and downs. If you use the stories, experiences and wisdom of others in the right way, it will give you strength. A part of using Ghita Nørby as the muse of this brand is to inspire people to share their life and to dare to give, take and listen. You are not alone in this. So don’t be. Be inspired.

I am proud and honoured that Ghita Nørby thrillingly agreed to lend her name to my brand. Who else could it be? Her name resembles all I aim to achieve with the brand.

Mette Buchhave, 2020.

“Life is dramatic. It consists of ups and downs, and I have grieved tremendously, but even when I suffer the most,I try to find the light and crawl my way to it. Some try to hide. I expose myself to the pain. It is my nature to stand where the wind blows the hardest.”

Ghita Nørby, 2018.

About Us

Mette Buchhave is the owner of Ghita Design and is always there to help you.

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