Functionality and style unite

Ghita Design produce adaptive lingerie and headwear for people of feminine identity.

The goal of our designs is to give you the opportunity to express your beautiful self through what you wear in spite of your disability or illness. It is important to hold on to yourself, as the core of you is what keeps you going, physically and mentally.

As the way you dress reflects who you are, we do not only focus on the functionality, comfort and quality of the garments. We create them to be beautiful and stylish, too.

Whether you sit in a wheelchair, are aided by catheters, use prostheses or have difficulties with putting on and taking off your clothes due to cognitive challenges, we do our best to implement fitting functionalities in our designs.

A listening approach

We develop all our products through listening. We listen to health professionals, to scientists, to fashion designers, to our people in the line of production and to caretakers. But most importantly, we listen to people with disabilities and illnesses. We listen to you.

In our designs we care for how easy the clothes are to put on and take off as well as how it is used throughout the day. We alter our designs as soon as we learn new and better ways.

We make functionality and comfort beautiful by incorporating it as a natural part of your personality. 

Do you have great ideas for how we can improve our designs? Don’t hesitate to contact CEO Mette Buchhave.


We have designed all our products in a way so they become a beautiful silver lining for women when they are coping from or learning to live with difficult disabilities and diseases.

All our products are OKEO-TEX certified, vegan and are made of luxuriously soft fabrics of high quality.


Women who cope til serious illness and go though intense treatment sometimes also have to endure physical changes to their body. One of these changes is hair loss. The purpose of our line of Ghita Headwear is to provide elegance and comfort to women and feminine identities with hair loss, so that they can feel confident, feminine and beautiful in a difficult time of their life. No feeling of self should be lost along the way.

We know how much little things mean in the process of coping. They will keep you focused on the next step of the road and make you forget your confusion, your fear and your feeling of having lost control.

One of these little things could be wearing a beautiful hat.

All our hats are breathable, moisture absorbent, hypoallergenic and will protect your skin from the sun and the cold.


The way you dress reflects who you are. It should thus be possible for everyone to dress in a way that reflects who they are. It is simple. But yet so hard when you are disabled or have a disease that makes it difficult for you to put on your clothes.

A perfect outfit starts with the underwear and we think that everyone should be able to put on a nice set of underwear. You should be able to do it effortlessly, just everybody else.

And when you’ve got it on your amazing body, you should feel fabulous, sexy and beautiful.

Nothing less.

It is in the basis of these visions we have designed our first line of adaptive underwear.

Face masks

In the light of the Covid-19 pandemic we decided to produce face masks. We need to care for oneanother. We can just as well do it in a stylish and comfortable way.
We do our best to always follow the latest guidelines in our production.

If you represent a company, we can offer you a design with your own logo.

I believe it makes a difference to express your emotions and self in a unique and personal way.

Mette Buchhave.

Are you interested in selling our products?

Don’t hesitate to contact CEO Mette Buchhave if you have questions in any regard.

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Mette Buchhave is the owner of Ghita Design and is always there to help you.

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